About Witzke Electric

Our talented team of Master and Journeymen Electricians, Estimators and Designers has many decades of experience, a passion for staying up-to-date with the latest technology and trends, and sharing their diverse skill sets and extensive know-how. They let their creativity in design work shine through, and their collaborative approach to every project, large or small, is evident as they work together.

We’re fortunate to have a group of people at Witzke Electric, all committed to delivering the highest level of electrical services for our customers.



The team at Witzke Electric is comprised of licensed, skilled electricians who not only receive the required continuing education to keep up their license; they are also certified in a number of other areas.

Our employees are constantly learning about new ways to do things, updated safety standards, ever-changing electrical codes, design elements and more. We go above and beyond state requirements for certification and licensing, setting the high standards we know are necessary serve our customers.  This is the Witzke Electric way.


Licenses and Certifications List

We are proud of the current licenses and certifications that team members of Witzke Electric, electrical contractors hold:

  • Wisconsin Contractor’s License #1106291

  • Master electricians

  • Journeyman electricians

  • Agricultural certification rider for journeyman electrician license

  • Municipal licenses for the Fox Valley and surrounding area

  • Wisconsin Designer of Engineering Systems

  • Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ Certified Lead-Safe Company

  • Wisconsin Certified Farm Wiring Program



In 1962, Gilbert Witzke started the company, operating with a “do it right the first time” attitude. His first shop was in the old Paine Garages near Summit and Congress. This is where he focused his initial work on electrical controls and motors, electrical services needed at the time. But as new methods and technological advances appeared, Witzke Electric adapted, offering more and more electrical and related services as the years went on.

The local business that Gilbert Witzke founded over 50 years ago continues to evolve today, proudly staying at the forefront of the industry in order to best serve our clients. But one thing hasn’t changed: the same “do it right the first time” philosophy that was there in the beginning still guides our work today.

Your Local Electrician Now 

From that simple beginning with a single local electrician, we have grown to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. In 1976, John Hazelberg joined Gilbert as a partner. When Gilbert retired in 1988, John was the sole owner until Dan Cook and Russ Kleinschmidt joined him as partners in 2001.

Today, Witzke Electric has grown into a team of Master and Journeyman Electricians, electrician trainees, estimators, designers and support team members.

Careers at Witzke Electric

For over 50 years, we at Witzke Electric have been extremely proud of the work we do and how we go about doing our work. That means not just anyone is cut out to be an electrician here. If you think you have what it takes to  work at Witzke Electric, make sure you:

  • are mechanically inclined
  • are mathematically adept
  • have a desire to continually learn
  • have the ability to carefully listen to and work with the customer enjoy a challenge

If you’re ready to listen, learn and lead, we’d love to talk to you about a career at Witzke Electric. Contact us today to discuss available positions.