Electrical Services

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At Witzke Electric, our electricians have extensive experience in commercial, industrial and residential electrical services projects. Our design staff is well known for their abilities to create unique lighting designs as well as plan, install, maintain and repair electrical systems.

We take a comprehensive approach with every single electrical services project to see how each piece will fit together understanding that the electrical component is only one piece of the entire plan. At Witzke Electric, we follow conscientious technical practices and do so with a singular goal: to make the customer's facility the best it can be by working successfully with architects, designers and other contractors.

Our approach to any project is always the same. It begins with an understanding of the immediate and long term needs of your project. Each electrical services project should have some element of the future taken into consideration to accommodate growth or expansion. Once planning is complete, our team establishes an electrical services plan. After installation, our goal is to be the electrical contractor you choose for many years to come.


Specialty Services

We offer a variety of unique electrical services for every customer, including commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential. Going beyond the usual electrical services, Witzke Electric will work with you to create a customized electrical system that does everything you need now, with potential to grow.


Lighting Design

At Witzke Electric, we help our customers create beautifully lit spaces. We understand that lighting is much more than just installing a fixture, with different forms of lighting affecting a particular space. So you are completely satisfied with the electrical services you receive, our team works with you to create a unique space you’ll enjoy coming home to. If you have lighting design questions or would you like us to visit your space and provide a recommendation, contact us or call (920) 235-6572.


Data Communications 

Communications cabling is part of a modern electrical system, including networking for computers, mobile devices and audiovisual equipment. Witzke Electric’s electrical services include designing and installing the latest technology to ensure proper data reaches everywhere you need it to.  Some of the many services we provide are:

  • Home automation
  • Home theater systems
  • Patch panels
  • Surveillance systems
  • Telephone wiring
  • Audiovisual systems
  • Data centers
  • Data racks
  • Data/com wiring
  • Fiber optic cabling


Energy Efficiency

No matter whether you’re a residential, commercial, manufacturing or agricultural customer, Witzke Electric can help design an electrical system that will save energy and save you money.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology allows you to control lighting, audio and video equipment, and even security from anywhere in your home. It can help set a mood – romantic, dramatic, elegant or practical – at the push of a button. Many systems let you control your home even while you’re away, using smartphone apps to check on and adjust heating, lighting and security systems to protect your house quickly and easily. With our commitment to staying up with the latest technology, as your electrical contractor, Witzke Electric’s electricians are craftsman that have the know-how to incorporate home automation technology in any home, whether it’s new construction or decades old.